As sched­ules con­tin­ue to get more and more packed with work, health, and per­son­al respon­si­bil­i­ties, pri­or­i­tiz­ing and orga­niz­ing our lives becomes increas­ing­ly cru­cial. When you look at your dai­ly to-do list, some tasks are obvi­ous­ly more impor­tant than oth­ers, but the sig­nif­i­cance of oth­er tasks may be less appar­ent. Automat­ing cer­tain things, like pay­ing bills, is a no-brain­er, but there are oth­er areas of our lives that can ben­e­fit from automa­tion as well. Con­sid­er the ben­e­fits of tak­ing automa­tion beyond your Net­flix sub­scrip­tion renew­al to oth­er impor­tant parts of your dai­ly life.

Automate Your Finances

So many of us have auto­mat­ic drafts for var­i­ous accounts that we don’t even bat an eye­lash at automat­ing our finances. But think about those oth­er bills stack­ing up on your desk. Have you ever for­got­ten to pay a util­i­ty bill only to dis­cov­er the lights don’t come on when you get home from work? Auto­mate your finances by set­ting up pay­ments for every­thing from util­i­ties to cred­it cards. If you give out of the gen­er­ous pock­et of your heart, you can even set up auto­pay­ments for dona­tions to your favorite char­i­ties. And don’t miss out on the reg­u­lar deposit you make into your 401k at work. If your com­pa­ny match­es your con­tri­bu­tions, make sure you auto­mat­i­cal­ly deposit the amount that they agree to match so that you are max­ing out this ben­e­fit. Not only do you avoid late fees and added charges, but you gain the peace of mind that comes from plan­ning ahead.

Automate Your Health

Few things in life are more impor­tant than our phys­i­cal health, but so many of us put off tak­ing care of our­selves. Be proac­tive and sched­ule tasks relat­ed to your health. Get your annu­al phys­i­cal and annu­al den­tal exams on the cal­en­dar ear­ly in the year. Women need to sched­ule their rou­tine breast can­cer exam, and doc­tors rec­om­mend every­one 50 years and old­er, hav­ing rou­tine colon can­cer screen­ing. By automat­ing these health exams, you aid in ear­ly detec­tion of dis­eases and reduce the impact should con­cerns arise.

In addi­tion to annu­al health exams, you can sched­ule your family’s week­ly meals. Plan­ning out your menu of meals for the week saves time in decid­ing what to fix as well as time run­ning to the gro­cery store for just one meal’s ingre­di­ents. Hav­ing a meal-prep day can be a week­ly task that may end up sav­ing you time in the kitchen every sin­gle day of the week. If plan­ning and cook­ing aren’t things you enjoy, con­sid­er a meal kit ser­vice that deliv­ers all the ingre­di­ents, recipes, and instruc­tions to your door. There’s a meal kit ser­vice for every palate imag­in­able from veg­an to kid-friend­ly to fam­i­ly style!

Automate Your Relationships

The most impor­tant part of our lives is whom we spend them with, so automat­ing time with peo­ple is a great way to make them a pri­or­i­ty in your sched­ule. Try start­ing each new month by look­ing at your cal­en­dar and plan­ning rela­tion­ship-build­ing time. For instance, once a month sched­ule date night with your spouse. Book the babysit­ter, make a reser­va­tion, or what­ev­er you both enjoy. You’ll have the added bonus of antic­i­pat­ing the fun, plus the abil­i­ty to plan around what real­ly mat­ters rather than try­ing to “fit it in” after the fact. Maybe once a month, or every oth­er month, you plan a girls’ night or get togeth­er with the guys every Mon­day to watch the foot­ball game. If you’re a par­ent, try sched­ul­ing one-on-one time with each of your kids.

Don’t stop there, though. Sched­ule a set time each week or month where you unplug from elec­tron­ics and do some­thing you enjoy. Read, spend time out­doors, take a class. When you auto­mate invest­ing in your relationships—with your­self and others—you are able to pri­or­i­tize how you spend your extra time each day. You’ll also re-eval­u­ate which rela­tion­ships are tru­ly impor­tant to you so that you can give them the time they deserve.

Automat­ing your life doesn’t mean that you are stuck to a strict sched­ule with every minute account­ed for or planned out. Instead, it means that you are look­ing at the things that hold the most val­ue to you and devot­ing the time and resources you desire to make that part of your life healthy. Whether it’s finances, health, or rela­tion­ships, you can save time and mon­ey and build stronger con­nec­tions by adding sim­ple automa­tions to your life. Now get your cal­en­dar and com­put­er out and auto­mate what you appreciate!