As part of an overall total compensation package, an employee benefit program should be designed to ensure interest and engagement on the part of the workforce. Arrow partners with our clients to review their current cultural imperatives and craft both the plan and the communication method(s) that best fit the audience and the message.

Cultural Insights

A comprehensive program of discussion, review and training to help clients develop or refine their cultural mission, vision and values and then communicate that effectively and consistently to their staff.

Benchmarking & Surveys

Talent competition is more fierce than ever – how do you know how your compensation and benefit program compare with others your candidates are seeing? Arrow’s benchmarking tool lets you see the lay of the land. We can also conduct custom surveys on particular points of design, funding and choices to help you hone your offerings.

Communication and Media Strategies

An organization’s culture, and the messages it tries to convey through its benefits and compensation package, need to be understood, appreciated and reinforced. Part of this involves repetitive communication strategies employing a variety of media.