The tra­di­tion­al work­place of phys­i­cal offices and desks has changed. The new nor­mal we are all expe­ri­enc­ing is the remote work­place. While some are adjust­ing to this change with­out any grow­ing pains, some may find it dif­fi­cult to tran­si­tion. Fol­low these tips to help man­age your time in this new space.


You don’t need to have a home office with a door and desk to have a work­space in your home. Grab a space at your kitchen table or a card table in a cor­ner or even a lap desk on your couch. Make this ded­i­cat­ed work­space the place you do all your work. Doing so cre­ates a famil­iar loca­tion where your brain knows you do your work.


Just as you had a rou­tine for the nor­mal work week, you need to set up a rou­tine for your home-based work week. This can get tricky because the things that you would nor­mal­ly do to get ready for work like take a show­er, get dressed in work attire, eat break­fast, and dri­ve to work may not hap­pen any­more. The folks at Entre­pre­neur said it best when they said, “Now when you wake up, you’re already at work.”  You have to work at set­ting up a rou­tine so you can accom­plish your work goals from home. Set an alarm and wake up at a sched­uled time. Set a time that you begin and end work. Take a lunch break. Make sure you sched­ule in some breaks through­out the day as well.


Look at your work and set goals to have it fin­ished. This may look like a list of pri­or­i­tized tasks so you stay on sched­ule. Goals can be dai­ly or week­ly or task ori­ent­ed. By set­ting these goals you set a sched­ule for your­self and you can fol­low this out­line towards their com­ple­tion.  Goals also help you elim­i­nate dis­trac­tions like the TV being on, look­ing at your phone, or surf­ing social media by requir­ing you stay focused on work to achieve them.


A remote work­place does not mean an iso­lat­ed life. Work to stay con­nect­ed with your co-work­ers in cre­ative ways. Have a park­ing lot hap­py hour in your cars or in camp chairs to recon­nect with your office mates at social­ly dis­tant lengths. Office Zoom calls allow you to see famil­iar faces all at once. When you stay emo­tion­al­ly con­nect­ed with your co-work­ers, you cre­ate a cul­ture of sup­port in your office and that’s some­thing we all need!

Dur­ing this uncer­tain time in all of our lives, there are tools to help us. Keep­ing up with work tasks and stay­ing con­nect­ed to oth­ers helps pro­vide the sta­bil­i­ty that we all crave in this moment. Make sure you keep these tools handy!