• Repeal
    Health Insur­ance Tax – may be revis­it­ed under Biden presidency


  • Repeal
    Cadil­lac Tax – may be revis­it­ed under Biden presidency


  • Rein­stat­ed
    Patient Cen­tered Out­come Research Tax – self-fund­ed plans only


  • New
    Price Trans­paren­cy rules
    Indi­vid­ual Health Care Reim­burse­ment Arrangement
    New SBC Tem­plate required
    Car­ri­ers may decide whether to count drug coupons to out of pock­et allowance
    Cost of Liv­ing Increas­es apply across the board to retire­ment and oth­er programs


  • New Under
    Over the counter med­ica­tions are cov­ered under FSA or HSA


  • CARES Act
    Tele­health is a cov­ered pro­gram under health plans, FSA and HSA
    COVID test­ing is cov­ered at 100% under plans and also under FSA and HSA
    COVID immunizations
    Flex­i­ble Spend­ing Account rollovers allowed up to $550