We are see­ing so many changes to our work, per­son­al, and social life due to the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic. While these changes can seem daunt­ing and the obsta­cles they cre­ate insur­mount­able, this can be a time of healthy change. There is always the chance for good to hap­pen when you stop, stay home, and start something.



Are you some­one that peo­ple would describe as con­stant­ly “on the go”? Do you always have a list of to-dos in your head and not enough time to do them? If so, stop. Take the gift of this cri­sis to stop run­ning around and work­ing to check off the box of every task on your list. Slow down. Stop. Rest is impor­tant to your over­all health in that it allows your body to restore deplet­ed ener­gy. It also boosts your cre­ativ­i­ty and pro­duc­tive­ness because it decreas­es fatigue and brain fog.  Not being pulled in a mil­lion direc­tions will actu­al­ly boost the qual­i­ty and quan­ti­ty of work you can accom­plish. Turn this neg­a­tive sit­u­a­tion into a pos­i­tive by slow­ing down and re-centering.



One big take­away from this quar­an­tine is that we have all become quite aware of the mas­sive amounts of time we have spent away from our home and fam­i­ly. Whether it be long hours at work, kids’ sports prac­tice, kids’ music lessons and con­certs, social­iz­ing with friends, or a mix­ture of all of the above, we may be real­iz­ing now just how lit­tle time we’ve spent inside our four walls. Now, our gov­ern­ment is ask­ing us to stay home for the sake of flat­ten­ing the curve of COVID-19 cas­es. Many cities have tak­en this a step fur­ther and have “shel­ter in place” orders restrict­ing the amount of time cit­i­zens are out­side of their home to only essen­tial tasks. These restric­tions help lessen the chance of the virus spread­ing and assist our health­care sys­tem by not over­whelm­ing our hos­pi­tals and health­care work­ers as they care for the sick. Help your fam­i­ly, your neigh­bors, and your work­place and stay home dur­ing this season.



It is so easy to look at our cur­rent sit­u­a­tion in the world with COVID-19 and to only feel fear and see restric­tions. But, now you have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to flip the switch on those feel­ings and choose to find the good dur­ing this quar­an­tine. Remem­ber when we were all going to start knit­ting, or scrap­book­ing, or pho­tog­ra­phy? Go find those things and start them again! How about that idea you’ve had for years about start­ing a fam­i­ly game night? Tonight’s the night to start! Ever caught your­self say­ing “well, back in my day we knew how to <insert long lost basic skill here>” to your kids? Start teach­ing them about that skill whether it’s sewing or typ­ing or laundry!



Now is the time to begin see­ing the good in this sit­u­a­tion. You can do it. Don’t let this time slip away and feel like it’s been wast­ed. Stop rush­ing. Stay home and keep every­one healthy. Start some­thing good and mem­o­rable in your house. Don’t waste this glob­al crisis—use it for a pos­i­tive out­come in your life. – use it as a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to slow down, stay home, and start some­thing new!