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Culture Insights Program!


Program Supports Businesses to Elevate the Culture Within Teams 


Petaluma, CA – Arrow Benefits Group’s HR Division is rolling out a new program, Culture
Insights. Culture Insights is an innovative process through which a personalized plan is developed for employers to help them operate at their highest potential by examining the company from six key angles. The program’s aim is to help companies become strong
employers whose hiring practices, treatment of employees, and environment collectively support a more positive and productive culture. A company’s success is dependent on its workforce, and for a company to attract and retain a successful workforce it needs
to be ultra-focused on the wants and needs of the individuals it wishes to appeal to. Most companies focus on salaries and benefits to attract employees, but that’s not always what keeps people happy and engaged, especially with today’s workforce. If your
competitor offers the same salary and benefits, what makes you different? 


The key to successful employee retention is to differentiate from other employers.  “We believe we can build a stronger community by building stronger employers. Stronger employers
translate into a stronger local economy and happier, more productive citizens,” explains facilitator, Arrow Principal Andrew McNeil.


The idea for creating the program was inspired by a tour that McNeil took at last year. In the words of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, “There’s a lot of talk about work
life separation or balance and so on. Our whole thing is about work life integration. It’s just life. And so, the ideal would be if employees felt empowered to be the same person at home as in the office, and vice versa. And when people feel comfortable being
themselves, so much creativity comes out of that.”Seeing how Zappos has achieved success by putting higher purpose on culture versus profit, McNeil was inspired to implement a program that would change the landscape of his industry and pave the way for other
companies to follow suit. McNeil says that integral to this approach is “shifting the mindset from: you’re my employee, you work for me to your my team member, how can I help you shine so that the company can shine?” 


The Culture Insights program is a consultative process meant to take a holistic look at an organization. The goal being to attract and retain people they need to rise above
their competitors. This means we collaborate with companies to develop several key components for success with the goal of creating a unique environment specific to the individual company including:

  • Purpose


  • Mission
  • Values
  • Company Culture
  • Human Resources
  • Employee Benefits

By strengthening these areas, we believe businesses will achieve a strong and cohesive company culture that will support their employees’ needs beyond benefits and compensation,
and thus foster the company’s continued growth and success.


For more information about the program and to sign your company up today please contact: Andrew McNeil at
or call 707-992-3789.



People on the Move

Stephen McNeil



We are pleased to announce the elevation of Stephen McNeil to the position of Managing Partner of Arrow Benefits Group.

As the company seeks to empower the next generation of owners, moving Stephen, who has long shown his excellent capabilities of leadership and a capacity for creating a warm and friendly atmosphere despite the continuing growth of his workload, is a logical move.  We know he will help to create an even better organization, working in tandem with the co-founders, who remain a very active part in the continued success of Arrow Benefits Group.





Philanthropy Award 2017

Arrow Benefits Group


Arrow Wins North Bay Business Journal – Philanthropy Award 2017!


Arrow Benefits Principal, Mariah Shields, found her local chapter of 100 Sonoma County People Who Care – She and Arrow won the North Bay Business Journal Philanthropy award
for the chapter and all their good charitable work.
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