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Wishing You a Happy Holiday Season! 






Our sincere wishes for a wonderful and joyful holiday season to all our friends & colleagues. While we’re enjoying the season, we also want to report to you
that we are gathering information and solutions for your 2017 healthcare needs. Look for more updates, information, and solutions from us for our ever-changing insurance landscape to come in the new year – with our best wishes for all of you and your families.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 



2017 North Bay

Health Insurance Outlook


2017 North Bay health insurance outlook: 6%-8% rise in plan rates





Interview with Arrow regarding health insurance changes


“Employees have questions about the status of their health plans should President Elect Trump, along with the Republican-controlled House and Senate, make good on his promise
to “Repeal and Replace” Obamacare. There are so many facets to Obamacare, many of which are mundane and not controversial, that is would appear likely that the ultimate replacement plan would include many other features currently found in Obamacare. We expect
this will take time, so for now we will continue to work as if nothing has changed until something does in fact change. We will keep our clients informed of pending changes as we learn of them.”

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Recently Published

Rising Star – Andrew McNeil



NorthBay Biz Magazine asked business & community leaders to share their picks for young people making a difference & our Andrew McNeil, principal was



Andrew has led Arrow in embracing the concept of shifting his own company’s culture and is leading the charge by helping other employers do the same. His efforts resulted in
many positive changes and are attracting a lot of promising talent to the employers he serves. Andrew believes that a unique company culture is what will attract and retain the workforce of the future.


Millennials want to feel good about where they work, believe in the purpose and mission of their employer, feel appreciated and have fun at the same time. To many millennials,
this is worth more than money and traditional benefits. Companies late in figuring this out will have a hard time competing for the workforce they need.  
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