May 2016 Newsletter

Valuable Insurance

May 2016 issue

Telemedicine insurance valuable to employer and employee — by Andrew McNeil, Principal

With an ever-increasing appeal for on-demand services and resources, telemedicine fits perfectly in the fast-paced world in which we live. Telemedicine is the latest in technology that brings individuals immediate, on-the-spot access to state-licensed physicians. By using ICT (information and communication technology), telemedicine brings patients and doctors together via video-based resources, for consults and visits anytime, anywhere in the world. Read entire article here.…


UBA Conference


Reporting in from a UBA Self-Funding Conference


Keith McNeil recently gave a seminar in Hawaii on self-funding health insurance sponsored by and in conjunction with our United Benefit Advisors partner firm, Atlas Insurance Agency. The hour-long presentation was at the Pacific Club in Honolulu and was in front of several major Hawaii employers, many with 1,000 to 5,000+ employees.


The presentation covered the special rules that apply to Hawaii employers (which is the only state that has an ERISA pre-emption, meaning the state government can mandate that employers provide a certain level of rich benefits with relatively low employee contributions).


The same state laws require Hawaii employers to obtain the permission of the state Department of Labor to self-fund their health insurance. The presentation covered not only the ABCs of self-funding (such as stop-loss insurance, plan administration, and a PPO network), but also examined many important new tools for “bending the cost curve” and even improving the health of the employees compared to traditional health plans. The complexity of the subject matter made it clear why interested employers should obtain a Feasibility Study before making the change, which would include the pros and cons of partial self-insurance. Please feel free to contact us for more information on this important topic and how it applies to your company at [email protected].


In The News
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Our HR division in the news! May’s issue of NorthBayBiz Magazine focused on successful and influential North Bay women, and our Karen Alary was chosen as one having an impact on their North Bay communities. They asked her the following:


* What advice do you have for someone who wants to follow in your professional footsteps?

* What would you like your professional legacy to be?


Advice: My father was a successful local business owner, and I grew up watching
the successes and challenges he faced every day. While it was always my dream to be part of his businesses, it wasn’t meant to be. But he inspired me to take my passion for my profession (human resources) and focus my efforts to create a new opportunity for myself. My advice: Don’t be deterred when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Never give up on your dream; even if you have to make adjustments, follow your passion.


Legacy: I’d like my professional legacy to be a positive and lasting impact on every single business I worked with–that I helped business owners succeed and reach their goals by applying my knowledge and passion for the HR profession. I’d also like to serve as a role model and mentor for other single mothers who want to be successful in business. Owning and running a small business presents challenges. It requires vision, perseverance and many long hours, but a balance can be struck between personal and work life, and the rewards are many.