April 2016 Newsletter

Congratulations Andrew
40 Under Forty

Congratulations to Andrew McNeil

Arrow Principal


The North Bay Business Journal has selected the winners of its 10th annual “40 Under Forty” awards including Andrew! The winners, selected by the Journal editorial staff, were chosen on the basis of their leadership in companies and organizations as well as their participation within the community across the North Bay. Winners of the 2016 awards — who join the hundreds of recipients from previous years — will be honored at a gala reception in April 2016. See all the winners CLICK HERE.


Continued Confusion
New “Tech” Administrative Solutions Pose Problems


The ads are everywhere — Tech Brokers. Their calls are relentless.

While they sell “simplicity” — they oversimplify the challenge. Some are even starting to stumble while others compete with former partners. These new digital dramas are mono thematic, with lots of SaaS but insufficient spirit to support that pesky human element. You know, those people benefits are meant to serve.


Technology tools potentially deliver the “holy grail” of business process, efficiency and economy, where it concerns employee management. These tools promise onboarding, HR systems, payroll and terminations in a single sign on, seamlessly integrated platform. But

it is only a management system — we’ve learned from experience — it does not serve your workforce.


The myriad media mavens root their success in technology. The success of your organization, however, is rooted in people. We’ve always believed people matter most, and all our efforts are to make your job easier (using technology) and their lives easier (using personal service and education). You should be tech enabled, but not tech dependent.


Here’s the problem. Tech companies, like insurance carriers, sell a single solution for all problems — theirs. Brokers on the other hand, know there is not just one answer to every question, so brokers focus on helping clients properly frame the question. At Arrow we did this when we created our four “modules” to determine the nature of the need which shapes the situation. Then we have several vendors per module. So as opposed to one solution to a problem defined for you to fit a predetermined product — you want options.


Fortunately, competition brings out the best in all of us, and some will fail and some will succeed. We have succeeded and are continuing to grow with more and better programs to meet the burgeoning needs of your organization and its employees. We have welcomed the newest tech onslaught and harnessed it to our evaluation process for clients — and can continue to change as products and tools become even better. We never have been, and never will be, attached to just one.


We’re here. We look forward to speaking with you to explore the many tools and services offered and clear the way to meet your specific challenges, using the best, newest, and most stable methods to that end.


Emotional Awareness
Resolving Misunderstandings in the Workplace

By Diana Laczkowski, Senior Associate at Arrow HR Division — The Personnel Perspective as featured in NorthBayBiz Magazine

There are many workplace scenarios that can result in differences of opinion. The most damaging of these occur when the “why” isn’t explored. In our fast-paced work environments, taking time to understand what’s happening and

why often gets pushed aside for the sake of deadlines, lack of empowerment by one or more of the people involved, top-down authority and/or deference to an individual who has discomfort with discussing differences.

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