BenefitsPro Magazine – August 2021

BenefitsPro Magazine – August 2021

The struggle to put culture into a neatly defined box
Brokers know all too well that even the best benefits plan can be derailed by ill-fitting company culture.

By Natalie Dolce | BenefitsPro Magazine – August 2021

Interview with award-winning Arrow advisors Andrew McNeil and Rosario Avila.

Be intentional on what you are trying to create culture-wise and make sure your people believe in what you believe.
Imagine, if you will, a company that makes culture its top priority instead of, say, revenue generation or product development. What would such an initiative look like? Surely, it would be similar in that it would be measurable with definable goals and ROI. Not necessarily, say the experts at a panel at BenefitsPRO Broker EXPO 2021. Many of the industry’s most recognized benefits leaders tackled the hard questions surrounding the C’s in our not-so “new” normal: culture, communication and creativity. “I see a lot of clients wanting to see immediate ROI on it and that isn’t possible in my opinion,” said Andrew McNeil of Arrow Benefits Group.” If you see things working smoothly, that is the ROI but it doesn’t happen overnight.”

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