Not only has Jeff Bezos just been named the rich­est per­son in the his­to­ry of the world.

Not only has Jeff Bezos com­bined with War­ren Buf­fet and Jamie Dimon to recre­ate health care

(and their yet to be named com­pa­ny just hired well known writer/physician Atul Gawande to give up his prac­tice and head the operation)

Now Jeff and Ama­zon have entered the online phar­ma­cy mar­ket by buy­ing start­up Pill Pack

While there are doubters, and Pill Pack is new, what they are doing makes sense for those who have had to wait in line at a phar­ma­cy, get incor­rect infor­ma­tion, have claim fil­ing prob­lems, etc.


Stay tuned…there are sure to be more acqu­si­tions.  We are still await­ing the day when we can get a check­up while shop­ping at Whole Foods.