The IRS has issued two notices which give employ­ers more flex­i­bil­i­ty with Flex Plans.

None of this is required, but these changes are per­mit­ted in the cur­rent plan:

  • Employ­ees who pre­vi­ous­ly waived par­tic­i­pa­tion may enroll off anniversary
  • Employ­ees who did not include depen­dents pre­vi­ous­ly may now do so
  • Employ­ees may drop cov­er­age for them­selves or their dependents
  • Employ­ees may change the amount they have set for Depen­dent Care Plans
  • For non-cal­en­dar plan years, may extend claims sub­mis­sion peri­od to Decem­ber 31
  • If there is a car­ry­over plan in place for Health­care FSA, employ­er may increase the car­ry­over lim­it from $500 to $550 to the sub­se­quent year