Wal­mart unveiled its first health cen­ter in 2019, offer­ing a vari­ety of ser­vices that include pri­ma­ry care, lab, X‑Ray, EKG, coun­sel­ing, den­tal, opti­cal, hear­ing and com­mu­ni­ty health.  All pric­ing is low (nat­u­ral­ly) and trans­par­ent (unnat­u­ral­ly).  Wal­mart is now expand­ing their mod­el across sev­er­al sites, with a lot more to go (giv­en that they have 5,000 stores nationwide).

Wal­mart is not lim­it­ing its efforts to in store ser­vices.  They also just announced their acqui­si­tion of MeMD, a leader in tele­health (also known as vir­tu­al health).

Final­ly, don’t for­get that Wal­mart, as with a few oth­er major phar­ma­cy retail­ers, pro­vide a large list of $4 drugs.