Revis­it the employ­er man­date – not likely
Revis­it the indi­vid­ual man­date – less like­ly than that
Repeal the med­ical device tax (now 2.3% of the cost of devices
Revis­it what con­sti­tutes “full time” employment
Repeal fed­er­al reim­burse­ments for com­pa­nies who lose mon­ey on the ACA
Elim­i­nate the Inde­pen­dent Pay­ment Advi­so­ry Board (once known as the death panels)
Low­er the sub­si­dies being offered for “afford­able” indi­vid­ual health coverage
Cre­ation of a new cop­per plan (we don’t have enough met­als now)
Pro­vide alter­na­tives (since they are in a lead­er­ship position)