The num­ber of employ­ers offer­ing Finan­cial Well­ness pro­grams is expect­ed to near­ly dou­ble with­in the next few years.  The head of client man­age­ment for Mass­Mu­tu­al, says, “finan­cial well­ness has become a huge pri­or­i­ty for employ­ers across the coun­try as Amer­i­cans strug­gle with man­ag­ing a wide vari­ety of finan­cial issues from pay­ing down cred­it card debt and han­dling emer­gency med­ical expens­es to sav­ing for retire­ment and plan­ning for long term care”

  • 86% char­ac­ter­ize finan­cial well­ness pro­grams as important
  • Chief moti­va­tion of 90% of those offer­ing is that they “real­ly care about their employees”
  • 80% feel finan­cial well­ness is on the cut­ting edge of ben­e­fit offerings
  • 47% said an effec­tive pro­gram should address an employee’s full finan­cial picture
  • Most pop­u­lar pro­grams (all over 75% approval): retire­ment, finan­cial plan­ning and retire­ment tools, pro­tec­tion prod­ucts (e.g. life insur­ance), access to a finan­cial advi­sor for finan­cial or retire­ment planning