The world is con­nect­ed nowa­days through our screens. Whether it be email, tex­ting, web­sites, Face­Time, or social media; we all use tech­nol­o­gy to con­nect us to oth­ers. Accord­ing to Hub­spot, an online mar­ket­ing and sales soft­ware provider, con­sumers are on social net­works more than ever before. They wrote:

In our survey of 1,091 global internet users, we’ve found people have dramatically increased content consumption on the three most popular social networks in the last two years: Facebook (+57% increase), Twitter (25% increase), and LinkedIn (21% increase). These networks have notably doubled down on content in the past few years to capture and retain the attention of their users — and it appears the playbook is working.The Future of Content Marketing: How People Are Changing the Way They Read, Interact, and Engage With Content

So, how do you har­ness this tech to strength­en your con­nec­tiv­i­ty to your audi­ence? Here’s the top 5 tips for using social media that every agency can ben­e­fit from using.

  1. Con­sis­tent Con­tent Posting

Your fol­low­ers want to know when they can expect new info to be post­ed on your web­site and social media. If you post once a week for 3 weeks and then not post again for anoth­er month, your audi­ence will quit pay­ing atten­tion. Con­sis­ten­cy is the key! Make a point to post at the same gen­er­al time on the same days and you will see more inter­ac­tion from your followers.

  1. Images & Videos

62% of users thor­ough­ly con­sume the social media post if it includes video as com­pared to only 25% con­sump­tion of tra­di­tion­al long con­tent posts. That’s a HUGE dif­fer­ence! Grab your audience’s atten­tion when they are scrolling through their social media by post­ing pic­tures and videos. They are telling us that they will stop and watch or read more than skim­ming because of the images they see.

  1. Keep Up with Social Media Trends

Pay atten­tion to what you are most engaged with on social media. Do you like to watch Face­book Live videos? Do you stop and scroll through pic­tures from com­pa­nies when they post what they are doing in the com­mu­ni­ty? Do you pre­fer to chat with a cus­tomer ser­vice rep­re­sen­ta­tive online ver­sus an email? If you are see­ing your pref­er­ences change, there is a good chance your audience’s pref­er­ences are chang­ing. Post pic­tures of your teams serv­ing their com­mu­ni­ty. Use videos to edu­cate your clients on rel­e­vant issues in your field. Social media is con­stant­ly evolv­ing so stay up on trends and use them on your pages!

  1. Face­book is Still King

Con­sumers are using Face­book for more than just con­nect­ing to their high school friends—they are using it to read con­tent from their favorite busi­ness­es and groups. This means you MUST keep your Face­book page updat­ed and have new con­tent post­ed reg­u­lar­ly. Accord­ing to a new Hub­spot sur­vey, 48% of con­sumers use their Face­book feed to catch up on news, busi­ness, and lifestyle sto­ries. This ties back to Tip #1 and reit­er­ates that con­sis­tent post­ing is the sweet spot for engag­ing customers.

  1. Engage Your Audience

How are you talk­ing to the peo­ple who use your busi­ness? Are you respond­ing to inquiries on Face­book? When you post pic­tures on LinkedIn are you respond­ing to the peo­ple who are look­ing and com­ment­ing on them? When you engage with your fol­low­ers, they are more like­ly to have a stronger rela­tion­ship with you. Entre­pre­neur Mag­a­zine says, “They are more like­ly to have a bet­ter eval­u­a­tion of the brands, stay loy­al to the brands and rec­om­mend the brands to others.”

By fol­low­ing these tips, your social media pages can grow into healthy sites and you can be more effec­tive as you engage with your audi­ence.  Start using them today!