Once upon a time, in a land just like ours, peo­ple could leave their job and secure tem­po­rary health insurance…only there were a few med­ical ques­tions, preg­nan­cy wasn’t cov­ered and there was absolute­ly no cov­er­age for any pre exist­ing med­ical con­di­tions.  The pur­pose of the plans, how­ev­er, was to cov­er the unex­pect­ed, the cat­a­stroph­ic and the unin­tend­ed.  It still is, but now that the Trump Admin­is­tra­tion has allowed rel­a­tive­ly unfet­tered access to such plans, car­ri­ers are balk­ing, con­sumers are walk­ing and Trump keeps talk­ing about how he has cre­at­ed new mar­kets, oppor­tu­ni­ties and a bonan­za for all…well, actu­al­ly, the same peo­ple that want­ed and need­ed it in the first place, under the same terms and con­di­tions as before.