In the bro­ker­age world, Willis climbs toward Tow­ers, which should pro­duce a col­lec­tive yawn. Then ACE scores by mak­ing Chubb chub­bier, but that’s all about property…and casualty.
Then we get to the heart of the matter…will the com­bi­na­tion of med­ical car­ri­ers cure any ills?
Aet­na is buy­ing Humana, but this seems hard­ly human giv­en their posi­tion in California.
Now it’s Anthem blar­ing its merg­er with CIGNA (which stands for what?) but wait, I thought Aet­na was at the sum­mit in that mix, but wait, there’s more…and merg­er mania begins again in an era of easy mon­ey and lots of oppor­tu­ni­ties. Final­ly, Cen­tene finds a safe­ty net as it buys Health Net in Cal­i­for­nia. Are we in 2007 again? What is odd is that the Aet­na play is about Medicare Advan­tage busi­ness and not group cov­er­age, and Cen­tene is itself a Med­ic­aid play­er and look­ing to round out its busi­ness, but what do they know about group coverage?