In the brokerage world, Willis climbs toward Towers, which should produce a collective yawn. Then ACE scores by making Chubb chubbier, but that’s all about property…and casualty.
Then we get to the heart of the matter…will the combination of medical carriers cure any ills?
Aetna is buying Humana, but this seems hardly human given their position in California.
Now it’s Anthem blaring its merger with CIGNA (which stands for what?) but wait, I thought Aetna was at the summit in that mix, but wait, there’s more…and merger mania begins again in an era of easy money and lots of opportunities. Finally, Centene finds a safety net as it buys Health Net in California. Are we in 2007 again? What is odd is that the Aetna play is about Medicare Advantage business and not group coverage, and Centene is itself a Medicaid player and looking to round out its business, but what do they know about group coverage?