What do you do with a law you don’t like but that no one can seem to overturn?  Starve it out.

President Trump’s administration has made a decision to suspend Risk Adjustment Payments to carriers, which was originally intended to subsidize them if they took disproportionate market risk.  Without those subsidies, the carriers will most likely pass on their costs to consumers – which means higher premiums.

And then, in a startling reversal, the CMS administrator, Seema Verma changed this policy two weeks later.  Who will reverse it next?

At the same time, the administration has cut the budget for ACA Navigators from $36.8 million to $10 million.  Granted, agents do this work better and at no governmental cost, and most of those who needed to be “navigated” through the ACA system have done so, but it is still another example of the ACA’s “death by a thousand cuts”