What do you do with a law you don’t like but that no one can seem to over­turn?  Starve it out.

Pres­i­dent Trump’s admin­is­tra­tion has made a deci­sion to sus­pend Risk Adjust­ment Pay­ments to car­ri­ers, which was orig­i­nal­ly intend­ed to sub­si­dize them if they took dis­pro­por­tion­ate mar­ket risk.  With­out those sub­si­dies, the car­ri­ers will most like­ly pass on their costs to con­sumers – which means high­er premiums.

And then, in a star­tling rever­sal, the CMS admin­is­tra­tor, Seema Ver­ma changed this pol­i­cy two weeks lat­er.  Who will reverse it next?

At the same time, the admin­is­tra­tion has cut the bud­get for ACA Nav­i­ga­tors from $36.8 mil­lion to $10 mil­lion.  Grant­ed, agents do this work bet­ter and at no gov­ern­men­tal cost, and most of those who need­ed to be “nav­i­gat­ed” through the ACA sys­tem have done so, but it is still anoth­er exam­ple of the ACA’s “death by a thou­sand cuts”