Medicare for All is a great “catch all” for a plan that does not exist except in the minds of some Demo­c­rat can­di­dates.  Joe Biden has a plan that is “like Medicare.”

  • Pri­ma­ry care cov­ered with­out co-payments
  • Includes con­tra­cep­tive care and abortion
  • Expands tax cred­its for pur­chas­ing insur­ance in the indi­vid­ual market
  • Has a sur­prise billing pro­vi­sion to avoid prob­lems with out-of-net­work providers
  • Offers a Med­ic­aid expan­sion alternative
  • Medicare can direct­ly nego­ti­ate with phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal com­pa­nies to low­er drug costs
  • Drug price increas­es would be lim­it­ed to the gen­er­al infla­tion rate

To avoid doubts on his appar­ent flip flop­ping, Biden would also repeal the Hyde Amend­ment, which pro­hibits the use of fed­er­al Med­ic­aid dol­lars for abortion.