For the sec­ond time since the launch, Cov­ered Cal­i­for­nia has tak­en down its physi­cian direc­to­ries because they are full of errors, unre­li­able, not up to date, and even the doc­tors them­selves don’t know which list they’re on…in addi­tion to show­ing doc­tors as flu­ent in lan­guages they do not speak, doc­tors being mis­la­beled, etc.  Oh, and they aren’t doing any bet­ter on the nation­al web­site either…and some­how they have noticed that there are not enough doc­tors to fill the onslaught of new demand (hey, didn’t we say that four years ago?)

The prob­lem, of course, is exac­er­bat­ed by the nar­row­ing of net­works in Cal­i­for­nia.  Insur­ance Com­mis­sion­er David Jones said “it’s a lit­tle ear­ly for any­one to know how wide­spread and deep this prob­lem is.  There are a lot of eco­nom­ic incen­tives for health insur­ers to nar­row their net­works (Mr. Jones, what eco­nom­ic incen­tives?  Cov­ered Cal­i­for­nia asked for this in an attempt to bring rates down), but if they go too far, peo­ple won’t have access to care.  Net­work ade­qua­cy will be a big issue in 2014”  One doc­tor called it a “phan­tom net­work”  Lar­ry Levitt, of the Kaiser Fam­i­ly Foun­da­tion, said “insur­ers have made the judg­ment that peo­ple pre­fer low­er pre­mi­ums to broad­er networks”