The latest data shows that, over the Americans that have health care coverage, 60% are covered by their employer. Our team at Arrow Benefits Group has great experience in the health insurance marketplace, and in this latest post, we’ll explain why so many are now reviewing the value of health insurance within the employee benefits provided by Marin County companies.

Attract qualified talent

The most talented individuals within your industry are comparing the health insurance benefits offered by each industry employer. If you’re able to offer a comprehensive health insurance package as part of your employee benefits, you’ll have access to the best Marin County employees.

Keep salary costs low

When you are able to offer comprehensive health insurance as part of your employee benefits, you can also keep your salary costs low. Employees are likely to choose a position that offers a lower salary with comprehensive benefits compared with a slightly higher salary with no benefits because they know it costs more to obtain insurance on the open marketplace.

Tax deductions

Companies can also deduct their contributions to the employees’ health insurance as a business expense and get the tax advantages. This helps in saving on tax costs for those continually growing their business in the coming years.

Improved productivity

Healthy employees are more productive, and so providing your team with employee health insurance benefits is the best way to maximize their productivity for the coming years. The morale of the team is also generally higher when they are healthier, further boosting the productivity levels of the company and minimizing disruptions due to unhappy staff members.

Our team at Arrow Benefits Group is here to help you choose the best insurance policy for your company. To learn more about the value of health insurance within your Marin County company’s employee benefits, contact us today.