The lat­est data shows that, over the Amer­i­cans that have health care cov­er­age, 60% are cov­ered by their employ­er. Our team at Arrow Ben­e­fits Group has great expe­ri­ence in the health insur­ance mar­ket­place, and in this lat­est post, we’ll explain why so many are now review­ing the val­ue of health insur­ance with­in the employ­ee ben­e­fits pro­vid­ed by Marin Coun­ty com­pa­nies.

Attract qualified talent

The most tal­ent­ed indi­vid­u­als with­in your indus­try are com­par­ing the health insur­ance ben­e­fits offered by each indus­try employ­er. If you’re able to offer a com­pre­hen­sive health insur­ance pack­age as part of your employ­ee ben­e­fits, you’ll have access to the best Marin Coun­ty employees.

Keep salary costs low

When you are able to offer com­pre­hen­sive health insur­ance as part of your employ­ee ben­e­fits, you can also keep your salary costs low. Employ­ees are like­ly to choose a posi­tion that offers a low­er salary with com­pre­hen­sive ben­e­fits com­pared with a slight­ly high­er salary with no ben­e­fits because they know it costs more to obtain insur­ance on the open marketplace.

Tax deductions

Com­pa­nies can also deduct their con­tri­bu­tions to the employ­ees’ health insur­ance as a busi­ness expense and get the tax advan­tages. This helps in sav­ing on tax costs for those con­tin­u­al­ly grow­ing their busi­ness in the com­ing years.

Improved productivity

Healthy employ­ees are more pro­duc­tive, and so pro­vid­ing your team with employ­ee health insur­ance ben­e­fits is the best way to max­i­mize their pro­duc­tiv­i­ty for the com­ing years. The morale of the team is also gen­er­al­ly high­er when they are health­i­er, fur­ther boost­ing the pro­duc­tiv­i­ty lev­els of the com­pa­ny and min­i­miz­ing dis­rup­tions due to unhap­py staff members.

Our team at Arrow Ben­e­fits Group is here to help you choose the best insur­ance pol­i­cy for your com­pa­ny. To learn more about the val­ue of health insur­ance with­in your Marin Coun­ty company’s employ­ee ben­e­fits, con­tact us today.