The Congressional Budget Office can’t seem to make up its non partisan mind.  In its latest report they have shown several measures by which national health care reform is failing:


  • The enrollment goals for the exchanges have been reduced from 22 million to 18 million
  • The average subsidy was projected to be $4,040 but it is not $4,240
  • Subsidies are expected to average $4,550 next year, mostly due to premium increases
  • More people may go on the rolls as employer provided coverage has displaced nearly 9 million when the original projection was 3 million
  • Medicaid expansion has forced the Medicaid cost projection to increase $146 billion due to enrollment rising by 2 to 4 million more than originally projected
  • The number of uninsured was supposed to drop 32 million, but is revised to 24 million
  • The employer mandate will raise $12 billion less than they said last year, the individual mandate penalty $6 billion less and the Cadillac tax $28 billion less


So what of the promise not to add anything to the deficit?  Seems unlikely now.