The Con­gres­sion­al Bud­get Office can’t seem to make up its non par­ti­san mind.  In its lat­est report they have shown sev­er­al mea­sures by which nation­al health care reform is failing:


  • The enroll­ment goals for the exchanges have been reduced from 22 mil­lion to 18 million
  • The aver­age sub­sidy was pro­ject­ed to be $4,040 but it is not $4,240
  • Sub­si­dies are expect­ed to aver­age $4,550 next year, most­ly due to pre­mi­um increases
  • More peo­ple may go on the rolls as employ­er pro­vid­ed cov­er­age has dis­placed near­ly 9 mil­lion when the orig­i­nal pro­jec­tion was 3 million
  • Med­ic­aid expan­sion has forced the Med­ic­aid cost pro­jec­tion to increase $146 bil­lion due to enroll­ment ris­ing by 2 to 4 mil­lion more than orig­i­nal­ly projected
  • The num­ber of unin­sured was sup­posed to drop 32 mil­lion, but is revised to 24 million
  • The employ­er man­date will raise $12 bil­lion less than they said last year, the indi­vid­ual man­date penal­ty $6 bil­lion less and the Cadil­lac tax $28 bil­lion less


So what of the promise not to add any­thing to the deficit?  Seems unlike­ly now.