More and more employers are turning to benefit brokers for help, and a change in the role of the employee benefits broker is occurring due to these new expectations. Leaders of companies are looking to brokers for communication materials pertaining to employee benefits as well as a wide range of new and innovative services that they can provide as consultants. When you need assistance with issues involving benefits, it is wise to hire the top employee benefits broker in San Francisco County. Your business is sure to see many of the benefits.

How the Employee Benefits Broker has Evolved

In the past, the resources needed for an employee benefits broker in San Francisco County to succeed were simple and scalable. The primary roles of brokers included:

  • Insurance Transactions: The foundation for most employee benefits brokers was insurance transactions. Many smaller brokerage firms could flourish because they had access to a lot of carriers on the market.
  • Answering Phones: It was extremely important for brokers to answer the phone, or read faxes, and handle service issues like incorrect bills or unpaid claims. These tasks are still important today. The difference is that they now include replying to emails and texts, checking apps, etc.
  • Being Complaint: Brokers had to make sure that they were in compliance with all of the rules of the industry. This included making sure that they understood COBRA, FSA and HIPAA rules.
  • Bringing a New Approach: In the mid-1990s, the “consultative” approach that some employee benefits brokers were using was starting to scratch the surface. However, it was not prevalent across the market as it is today.

Fast forward to today, it is highly important for the employee benefits broker to be adept at consulting in different areas in order to remain competitive in the market. More specifically, a successful broker must be an expert in cost management, a maven in client retention, a pundit in public speaking, a specialist in networking, solutions, presentation, customer service, social media, and a genius in employee engagement, technology, compliance, and lots more. In short, they need to be a jack of all trades.

Get Excellent Employee Benefits Services in San Francisco County and Beyond

When you need help with employee benefits issues in your company, you should seek the help of an experienced and highly knowledgeable employee benefits broker in San Francisco County at Arrow Benefits Group. You can gain the benefits of excellent services of the top brokerage firm in the area and beyond. For more information, call us at 707-992-3780 for expert advice on HR solutions available to you.

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