To determine the ideal employee benefits broker for your Marin County business, it’s important that you understand the role of the broker in the current marketplace. To understand the role, you must know how the role has evolved in recent years. And so within this post, we’re highlighting the evolution of the Marin County employee benefits broker.

Early work involved enrollments and terminations

One of the most important early roles for the broker was in managing the client’s enrollments and terminations. They would answer the phone and send faxes to the insurance companies regarding their client’s application process. This process would take up the vast majority of their time. They would also be responsible for understanding HIPAA rules and COBRA regulations. This would mean that clients could contact them on short notice to respond to issues relating to rule changes. Smaller brokers could flourish in this marketplace by getting to know the clients on a personal level and providing them with customized services.

Today, brokers must go beyond the transaction

No longer can brokers focus solely on the transaction side of the insurance industry. They must now go the extra mile to consult with clients on the type of coverage their business requires and provide unique services that help their company stand out in a highly competitive industry. For example, in the modern marketplace, the broker must be a champion of technology. They must offer automation services that allow for documents to be populated with precision and in the shortest possible timeframe. They must also be adept at presenting clear solutions to the leading challenges in the marketplace, both from a creative point of view and through communication skills. This means understanding the challenges clients face in meeting their obligations and utilizing their experience to deliver the right solution at low cost to the client.

While the industry continues to evolve, the basic rules for quality of service remain consistent. Our team at Arrow Benefits Group is committed to providing you customized solutions to your most complex coverage challenges. To discover more about our work in as a leading Marin County employee benefits broker, call us today.