Theories now abound, about what was lost, why, who will care and who will not and what this will portend for the 2016 Presidential race.  President Obama lost a majority in the House in the last mid terms, and now he has lost a majority in the Senate, but not a super majority (which would be required to overturn the Affordable Care Act).  Republicans are now in what should be a happy spot, but it is also a rough one.  Now it is not enough to just criticize what comes from the White House – they must make proposals of their own, and they must be substantive.  So will we see a radical change on immigration policy, health care, and other hot button issues?  Not likely, but then there is always the strategy of  “death by a thousand cuts” – and it is likely that Republicans will do what they can to weaken the ACA at the very least.  It’s the least they can do.