We stay out of the over­all debate – who wins, who los­es is less a con­cern than what works on a prac­ti­cal basis and how it will get through Con­gress, then the admin­is­tra­tors and the mar­ket, etc. It is a lit­tle weird, though…as Don­ald Trump is say­ing the same thing as Bernie Sanders where it con­cerns health care (Sin­gle Pay­er is our prayer, or some­thing like that). Hillary Clin­ton has tak­en aim at Sanders (so is it also a swipe at Trump?), telling sup­port­ers at a ral­ly that he would replace their health insur­ance with some­thing more expen­sive. “He wants to have a new sys­tem that would be quite chal­leng­ing because you would have to give up the insur­ance you have now, and it would cost a lot of money”