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  • What’s in Store for Wal Mart – They Want More of Your Money Through Health Care| by Jordan Shields, Partner

    September 3, 2021

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    Walmart unveiled its first health center in 2019, offering a variety of services that include primary care, lab, X-Ray, EKG, counseling, dental, optical, hearing and community health.  All pricing is low (naturally) and transparent (unnaturally).  Walmart is now expanding their model across several sites, with a lot more to go (given that they have 5,000 stores nationwide).

    Walmart is not limiting its efforts to in store services.  They also just announced their acquisition of MeMD, a leader in telehealth (also known as virtual health).

    Finally, don’t forget that Walmart, as with a few other major pharmacy retailers, provide a large list of $4 drugs.

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