Humana and Well­point (Anthem Blue Cross) each stand to gain $5.5 bil­lion next year to cov­er loss­es from Oba­macare due to the risk cor­ri­dors they have “sup­port­ed” by tak­ing on more risk than oth­ers in an effort to “bal­ance the bud­get” when it comes to pro­vid­ing cov­er­age under the new ACA rules. Yes, they com­plained about the new law…but why? Sen­a­tor Mar­co Rubio, who has made a one man cam­paign (besides his own for Pres­i­dent) against the Afford­able Care Act said “the risk of a bailout has always been high…as many of us pre­dict­ed, these exchanges have not attract­ed enough young and healthy peo­ple to sign up”