The gov­ern­ment lent them $1.2 bil­lion. They went broke – 12 of them. The mon­ey was spent and can­not be returned. Con­gress­man Rob Port­man said “these failed CO OPs were a cost­ly exper­i­ment gone wrong, and real peo­ple got hurt – includ­ing the more than 700,000 Amer­i­cans who lost their health plans” while CMS Act­ing Admin­is­tra­tor Andy Slavitt said the CO OPs “chal­lenges should be viewed as a small busi­ness start­up prob­lem” rather than a prob­lem of the pro­gram itself (of course not – only 12 of the 23 went broke, spend­ing half the total gov­ern­ment loan) Sen­ate Repub­li­cans have now gone on record say­ing they want the CO-Ops to pay back the mon­ey – with what?