While med­ical cov­er­age is man­dat­ed, it doesn’t mean that every­one can afford it. Sub­si­dies are pro­vid­ed, Medi-Cal might be avail­able, but there are still those in the mid­dle, even those get­ting sub­si­dies, where the pay­ment offered is not enough. There are now a num­ber of cat­e­gories in which sub­scribers may fall and be allowed to reduce or avoid pay­ment while still being cov­ered. Some make sense (home­less or evict­ed, received util­i­ty shut­off, filed for bank­rupt­cy, had med­ical expens­es you couldn’t pay, car­ing for an aging or ill fam­i­ly mem­ber). The odd ones, how­ev­er, are these: 

“You received a notice say­ing that your cur­rent health insur­ance plan is being can­celled and
you con­sid­er the oth­er plans avail­able unaf­ford­able”; and 

“you expe­ri­enced anoth­er hard­ship in obtain­ing health insurance”

Noth­ing like leav­ing things open ended…