arrowBig announce­ment. A lot of pages. Not much sub­stance. Just anoth­er day in the life of health care reform. There are high­lights but not much else. A senior aide says details will be worked out through com­mit­tee lit­i­ga­tion next year (no men­tion of what hap­pens if Democ­rats take either the House or the Senate)

No more man­dates for indi­vid­u­als and insur­ance companies
Medicare would be over­hauled to a pure pre­mi­um sup­port sys­tem (costs go way up)
Med­ic­aid would be altered with indi­vid­ual state choice on what they may elect
Oba­macare will be repealed in its entirety
Peo­ple who do not receive health insur­ance through their employ­er, Medicare or
Med­ic­aid will receive an advance­able, refund­able flat tax credit
High risk pools will be imple­ment­ed ($25 bil­lion paid over 10 years)
There will be a cap on non tax­able health ben­e­fits (and thus replace Cadil­lac tax)