Just when we’re all set and the mid terms seem ready to go…they have made one more change. Pres­i­dent Oba­ma signed the “Pro­tect­ing Access to Medicare Act of 2014” which imme­di­ate­ly repeals the deductible lim­its imposed under the ACA for non grand­fa­thered plans pur­chased in the small group insur­ance mar­ket (and what does this have to do with Medicare?) Thus small employ­ers can pur­chase high­er deductibles than the lim­its which had been allowed of $2,000 – the fun­ny thing, of course, is that car­ri­ers have already done this, cit­ing the actu­ar­i­al stud­ies that “val­ue” plans in terms of the over­all lia­bil­i­ty lim­it and not the deductible