Just in time for the mid term elections, President Obama has seen his way clear to allowing an extension of those plans that did not meet the standards of his signature health insurance law for another two years. The main idea was to ensure that plans meet certain minimum standards and include “essential health benefits” That was a good idea…but the plans that did not meet those standards cost less than those that do…and there was a major media fallout regarding the difference between quality of coverage and quantity of money. So the President caved…in response to political pressures. So now there is a two year extension to the cancellation of those policies. The problem is that the bus may have left the station (surely there is a better metaphor here) and the carriers, at least in California, that have already dropped those policies and replaced them with newer ones at the Administration’s behest are probably loathe to go back…especially since the open enrollment deadline for new plans, coincident with the expiry of the old plans, is only March 31.