It’s exact­ly what you expect­ed.  Don’t do it – in trip­li­cate.  Any evi­dence that an employ­er knew of a preg­nan­cy (office gos­sip and what­ev­er) and then made an employ­ment deci­sion based on it, or in advance made a deci­sion based on stereo­types about appli­cants is pro­hib­it­ed.  And don’t even think about con­sid­er­ing an appli­cant or employee’s past preg­nan­cy or someone’s capac­i­ty to become preg­nant.  No kidding…but they found the EEOC found a need to repeat it.

No leave poli­cies with gen­der based dis­tinc­tions, no accom­mo­da­tions dif­fer­ent for one employ­ee tem­porar­i­ly unable to per­form a job than anoth­er, and all ben­e­fits and infer­til­i­ty insur­ance cov­er­age must be the same for every­one.  You knew this already, right?