Logis­ti­cal night­mares. Car­ri­er non coop­er­a­tion. Elec­tron­ic Med­ical Records. What else can we throw at doc­tors to make them wish they nev­er wend to med school? A new code book.   As one arti­cle put it, “the codes cov­er every­thing from par­rot bites to get­ting sucked into a jet engine.” The cost to change sys­tems and adapt to the new ICD10 code book is esti­mat­ed to be over $3 bil­lion. For exam­ple, there are 25 codes just for dia­betes. So if your doc­tor is ask­ing more ques­tions, and there are delays in your insur­ance payment…you can thank the newest and best method for reporting.