Now that the states and the carriers have made all the changes required under the Affordable Care Act, the President has responded to public pressure and said that quality is no longer a priority and he did not mean what he said about cancelling the individual policies. First he extended the deadline for changes to individual plans to March 31, but now he will extend it another three years. That avoids both mid term election fallout and goes into the next Presidential election as well. That’s nice…but the changes have already been made. Who is going to follow this mandate when the carriers have already announced and made the changes? Under the proposed rule, consumers may continue to purchase the previously disallowed “skimpy plans” until October 2016 and can keep them until September 2017 Representative Fred Upton said “the administration cannot run fast enough away from its broken promises” and House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa said “this move is a cynical ploy that delays thousands of insurance policy cancellations under after the elections”