Every year the trustees of the Medicare Hos­pi­tal Insur­ance Trust Fund and Social Secu­ri­ty weigh in with their pro­jec­tions about the long term via­bil­i­ty of Medicare.  Many years ago, it was said that Medicare would run out of mon­ey by now.  The gov­ern­ment respond­ed by lift­ing the lim­it on the con­tri­bu­tions that could or would be made to Medicare.  This year, assum­ing no changes, the fund is expect­ed to be deplet­ed by 2026 and the Social Secu­ri­ty Trust Fund by 2034.  Unless, of course, the mar­ket picks up, lim­its are raised or the per­cent­age of employ­ee income is raised.  Etc.