At a time when some would rather be out of the busi­ness under the onslaught of Medicare for All pro­po­nent, ven­ture fund­ing for insur­ance and insurtech com­pa­nies hit all-time highs in 2018.  In 2014, fund­ing was rough­ly $800 mil­lion.  In 2018, fund­ing was up to $2.5 bil­lion.  The lead­ers on the health insur­ance front are Oscar and Bright Health.

The “insurtech” play, while not relat­ed to health insur­ance, is also inter­est­ing and worth not­ing.  Wefox Group is in the dig­i­tal insur­ance mar­ket, Root Insur­ance will have auto insur­ance rates based on dri­ver test­ing and Metro­mile will charge pre­mi­ums based on miles driven.