Under­stand­ably, some employ­ers (and employ­ees) have mixed feel­ings about the gig econ­o­my. While many enjoy the free­dom gained and over­head saved, oth­ers miss office cama­raderie and rou­tine. No mat­ter your posi­tion, research shows that the trend isn’t going any­where any­time soon. By 2021, 9.2 mil­lion Amer­i­cans will work on-demand jobs, and so employ­ers need to start ask­ing them­selves how they plan to keep employ­ees of all stripes engaged in office work and culture.

As HR Tech­nol­o­gist cau­tions, employ­ee engage­ment goes both ways.While employ­ers should be con­cerned about the reli­a­bil­i­ty and loy­al­ty of their free­lance pool, they must also main­tain strong rela­tion­ships with their cur­rent full-time employ­ees. Best prac­tices for address­ing this include pro­vid­ing sim­i­lar perks to all work­ers, using in-depth onboard­ing ser­vices and train­ing, and main­tain­ing metic­u­lous­ly open lines of communication.

It is also impor­tant to remem­ber that inte­gra­tion like this can’t hap­pen overnight. Build­ing a strong and diverse team, whether ful­ly remote or mixed, takes time. Many com­pa­nies are engag­ing “future ready” prac­tices, so that hybrid work­forces can be avail­able when­ev­er a par­tic­u­lar com­pa­ny is ready to con­sid­er open options. Such prac­tices are root­ed pri­mar­i­ly in savvy dig­i­tal plat­forms, allow­ing for col­lab­o­ra­tion and inno­va­tion, as well as clear con­ver­sa­tions about ben­e­fits and salaries. Not only do such tech­niques strength­en the cur­rent team, but they also posi­tion orga­ni­za­tions as sol­id com­peti­tors for ris­ing dig­i­tal tal­ent. Final­ly, remem­ber that tal­ent man­age­ment isn’t mere­ly an agen­da item. It’s also a dri­ving tool for strate­gic deci­sions about inno­va­tion, growth, and per­for­mance ability.

While there is no one estab­lished way for­ward, it’s clear that employ­ers who are cog­nizant of the grow­ing gig econ­o­my trend are able to both deep­en and strength­en their cur­rent tal­ent pool while look­ing toward the future.

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By Bill Olson