Everyone’s favorite solu­tion.  Elim­i­nate the insur­ance car­ri­ers and health care reform, the lega­cy of Pres­i­dent Oba­ma and the idea of free mar­ket enter­prise being able to work with health cov­er­age and you have the stage set for…a gov­ern­ment run pro­gram.  Bernie Sanders pro­posed it, and he wasn’t the first, but it’s not ready for prime time.  Region­al­ly, how­ev­er, Cal­i­for­nia has always want­ed to pro­mote it, even if they were the only one who would have it.  Stephen Short­ell of the UC School of Pub­lic Health says “sin­gle pay­er has its pros and cons, but if it’s built on the foun­da­tion of fee for ser­vice (doc­tors paid as they pro­vide care) it will be a dis­as­ter.  It would be a huge step back­wards in deliv­er­ing health care”  Of course, the oth­er chal­lenge is that the esti­mat­ed cost of the bill would be $400 bil­lion – a new study refutes this, of course, with fund­ing pro­vid­ed by the side favor­ing sin­gle pay­er, so in the end…who knows?  Except are you sure you want the gov­ern­ment run­ning this thing?