Everyone’s favorite solution.  Eliminate the insurance carriers and health care reform, the legacy of President Obama and the idea of free market enterprise being able to work with health coverage and you have the stage set for…a government run program.  Bernie Sanders proposed it, and he wasn’t the first, but it’s not ready for prime time.  Regionally, however, California has always wanted to promote it, even if they were the only one who would have it.  Stephen Shortell of the UC School of Public Health says “single payer has its pros and cons, but if it’s built on the foundation of fee for service (doctors paid as they provide care) it will be a disaster.  It would be a huge step backwards in delivering health care”  Of course, the other challenge is that the estimated cost of the bill would be $400 billion – a new study refutes this, of course, with funding provided by the side favoring single payer, so in the end…who knows?  Except are you sure you want the government running this thing?