There was a huge push, and in the end the final enroll­ment exceed­ed pro­jec­tions in both Cal­i­for­nia and nation­al­ly, but the nation­al toll polled well for our state. But…we still don’t know how many “new enrollees” were found, and what they found. Many of the new­ly enfran­chised enrolled in Med­ic­aid, which will cost us. Many enrolled in the indi­vid­ual exchanges, at a cost of $10 bil­lion in tax cred­its, an aver­age of $2,890 for each of the 3.5 mil­lion peo­ple who qual­i­fied for a sub­sidy as of March 1 So the final results are still to be count­ed, and more sub­si­dies may be com­ing our way. How long will they be sus­tained, and what of the new­ly enfranchised?