They didn’t like the bill, now they don’t like the fact that it is not hap­pen­ing fast enough.  Accus­ing Pres­i­dent Oba­ma of “mak­ing up his own laws” (John Boehn­er) by delay­ing the employ­er man­date, the Repub­li­cans are also con­sid­er­ing fil­ing a suit over the recent deci­sion to pro­vide depor­ta­tion relief.  They’re not relat­ed, except inso­far as it con­cerns the Chief Exec­u­tive.  House Minor­i­ty Leader Nan­cy Pelosi was a bit upset : “the fact is, this law­suit is a bald faced attempt to achieve what Repub­li­cans have been unable to achieve through the polit­i­cal process.  The leg­isla­tive branch can­not sue sim­ply because they dis­agree with the way a law passed by a dif­fer­ent Con­gress has been implemented…the law­suit is an embar­rass­ing loser.”