Accord­ing to ear­ly fil­ings , insur­ance com­pa­nies are seek­ing wild­ly dif­fer­ing rate increas­es in pre­mi­ums for 2016, with some as high as 85%. “They are unsure about how many more peo­ple will sign up for cov­er­age and what their med­ical costs will be” as well as uncer­tain­ty about how the gov­ern­ment will pro­tect them against wild claim swings and poten­tial loss­es, not to men­tion the pend­ing Supreme Court deci­sion, which may wipe out the many sub­si­dies now available.

They are now see­ing the ris­ing expense of pre­scrip­tion drugs and actu­al claims data they are get­ting from the ear­ly wave of enrollees. This last year is the first full year they have cred­i­ble data, and now the truth is known. Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Car­oli­na, for exam­ple, cit­ed costs of emer­gency room use, heart and can­cer treat­ments and the cost of spe­cial­ty drugs treat­ing hepati­tis C.