The ben­e­fits bro­ker you select will help you deter­mine the ide­al allo­ca­tion of ben­e­fits resources. But many com­pa­nies are now fac­ing bud­get short­falls and con­sid­er­ing how best to improve their ben­e­fits pack­ages. In this lat­est post, our team at Arrow Ben­e­fits Group explores the process of work­ing with a new Sono­ma Coun­ty ben­e­fits bro­ker, and the rea­sons to change brokers.

Does the benefits broker meet your needs?

One impor­tant con­sid­er­a­tion when work­ing with a ben­e­fits bro­ker is deter­min­ing whether they can meet your needs over the long-term. Make sure the com­pa­ny is locat­ed close to your busi­ness and can pro­vide expert resources with a large enough staff to guide you for­ward. The com­pa­ny should also work with the lat­est tech­nol­o­gy to help auto­mate some of the admin­is­tra­tive tasks that slow down and lim­it the effi­cien­cy of cur­rent ben­e­fit processes.

Reasons to change

Con­sid­er the rea­sons you might wish to switch bro­kers. In many cas­es, the bro­ker sim­ply isn’t meet­ing the needs of the com­pa­ny. For exam­ple, a grow­ing com­pa­ny will require a bro­ker that is savvy when it comes to com­pli­ance. What are the laws in this area and how can your com­pa­ny ensure it meets its oblig­a­tions? Anoth­er rea­son many com­pa­nies are switch­ing their bro­kers is their cur­rent bro­ker is sim­ply cost­ing their firm too much mon­ey con­sid­er­ing the lev­el of ser­vice pro­vid­ed. Do you feel your firm is get­ting the atten­tion it needs? Your bro­ker should com­mu­ni­cate with you reg­u­lar­ly and help you to answer insur­ance-based ques­tions around the clock.

What to ask brokers

Make sure you are in a posi­tion to speak with new bro­kers once you’ve decid­ed it’s time for a change. Ask your new poten­tial bro­kers the following:

  • What is your sched­ule for meet­ing with clients?
  • Do you design ben­e­fit packages?
  • Can you help edu­cate our employees?
  • Will you be able to man­age our com­pli­ance issues?
  • What added ser­vice extras do you provide?

Our team at Arrow Ben­e­fits Group is com­mit­ted to pro­vid­ing the high­est return on invest­ment for your ben­e­fits resources. To learn more about the com­pa­ny and the options we offer, please call our expert team today.