Flexible spending account Keeps current allowance of $2,750 annual salary reduction
Keeps current allowance of $550 for employer contribution
Adoption Assistance Amount raised from $14,300 to $14,440
401k Contribution Employee amount remains at $19,500
Health Savings Account Employee contribution raised from $3,550 to $3,600
Family contribution raised from $7,100 to $7,200
Affordable Care Act Affordability threshold raised from 9.78% to 9.81%
Penalty for failure to offer is now $2,700
Penalty for lack of affordability is now $4,060
San Francisco HCSO Base increases from $2.05 to $2.12 groups of 20+
Base increases from $3.08 to $3.18 groups of 100+
State Disability This is real – the amount to be taken from employee pay is increased from 1% to 1.5% – the Paid Family Leave Act went to 8 weeks in July 2020