We are very excit­ed to announce that Arrow Ben­e­fits Group was one of the spon­sors in the recent Blue Jean Ball fundrais­er at the San Rafael Marin JCC recent­ly.  The Inte­grat­ed Com­mu­ni­ty Ser­vices’ mis­sion is to pro­vide a wide range of com­mu­ni­ty based ser­vices for indi­vid­u­als with dis­abil­i­ties.  They help with employ­ment, hous­ing, recre­ation or sim­ply just infor­ma­tion. ICS are a dis­tin­guished local non prof­it agency with whom Arrow Ben­e­fits are proud to be in part­ner­ship with.

If you would like to learn more about what the ICS accom­plish­es or if you would like to donate to help them con­tin­ue their work, please click here.