OK, the Trump cam­paign said the first act in office would be the repeal of the Afford­able Care Act.  The Repub­li­cans, which have since day one asked for its removal, lined up behind this.

Then real­i­ty set in and they decid­ed to deter­mine what a replace­ment would look like…and they don’t know.  And they still don’t know.  And they’re still dis­cussing it.  In the mean­time, there is a lot of jock­ey­ing for posi­tion.  What the admin­is­tra­tion did do was issue an Exec­u­tive Order that sus­pend­ed enforce­ment activ­i­ty (the man­dates) and now the debate is over the sub­si­dies.  The most recent notice is from new HHS Sec­re­tary Tom Price who said this will require an addi­tion­al “three months to come to a resolution”.