Maximizing the value achieved through their employee benefits broker can help Sonoma County companies consolidate their insurance costs for the years ahead. In the company’s latest post, our team at Arrow Benefits Group explains how you can get the most from your local Sonoma County employee benefits broker.

Ensure they offer communication to employees

Your broker should be able to communicate with your employees directly about the insurance options available to them. This process is designed to educate the employee and ensure they have the information they need to make the most effective decision on the available options in the company’s selection. The broker should also advise employees on any upcoming changes to the company’s insurance coverage so they can continually get the most value over the long-term.

Ask that they provide regular comparisons

Making sure you’re continually receiving value for money is a leading benefit of having an employee benefits broker. The broker can compare your current plans with the other plans available in the marketplace to determine how to most effectively allocate your insurance spending. This can help to mitigate the increased cost of insurance some growing companies face and help you to scale your insurance program as your company grows with its success in the marketplace.

Request renewal services

Your employee benefits broker will also carry out the renewal process for you when your insurance program is due to finish. They will work with insurance companies to review the current marketplace and ensure the ideal option is selected for your staff. As part of this process, the benefits broker may carry out a tender service that allows insurance companies to compete for your business based on price and value. This will allow your business to consolidate its costs for the years ahead and provide you the ability to compare the various pricing options and programs directly.

Arrow Benefits Group Can Help

Working with an experienced employee benefits broker can help safeguard your Sonoma County business for the years ahead and ensure your team achieves the ideal level of coverage at efficient pricing levels. To discover more about your coverage options, call us today.