On his first day in office, the new Cal­i­for­nia gov­er­nor unveiled a sweep­ing health plan that would prop up the ACA, expand health care for undoc­u­ment­ed immi­grants and give the state new pow­ers to nego­ti­a­tion drug prices.  It would fall short of what was indi­cat­ed in his cam­paign, how­ev­er, where he hint­ed at a Sin­gle Pay­er Health Plan (adored by some, reviled by oth­ers).  His plan would rein­state the indi­vid­ual man­date by tax­ing those who do not have cov­er­age.  While stop­ping short, New­som did write to Pres­i­dent Trump and con­gres­sion­al lead­ers ask­ing for per­mis­sion for Cal­i­for­nia to pur­sue a gov­ern­ment fund­ed health care system.